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Urban landscapes • Looking up

So many different views and perspectives are seen by looking up. It’s amazing how much there is going on in our urban skyline.

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Flower Tuesday!

A summer photo from last year of Aloe arborescens standing tall along the shore in Laguna Beach.

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Flower Tuesday!

It looks like there’s a party going on in the greenhouse.

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Flower Tuesday!

Orchids in a soft light.

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Flower Tuesday!

A cup of tea at the breakfast table in the early morning light.  

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Flower Tuesday!

A Springtime view looking east across the daisies along Lake Chollas.

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Urban landscapes • Signs of time

Many of the signs we see in our urban landscape have been with us a long time, through years of weather and technical issues they still perform their jobs. Some tell us their original story, while others tell us what once was. Even without its neon … Continue reading

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