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Landscape with pink sky

Public transportation gives us the opportunity to see things that can be obscured by other means of travel. In this way we can observe our surroundings in an independent and focused way. Taking mental pictures as the landscape starts and stops around us is something sort … Continue reading

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Memory and travel

Memory visualization has many forms, making a painting is one of them. The experience of movement across a landscape and then recalling that moment can create a vivid memory. The details may become abstracted as one recalls the scene and the image reflects again … Continue reading

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Uneeda Biscuit, and other Ghost signs

We’ve all seen these mysterious and wonderful signs in our daily landscape. As most of the products and information these signs represented are long gone, one can now see them as a different kind of art, as was their beginning. * Ghost … Continue reading

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Ship on an apricot sky

One of the actions in creating a painting is simply having fun. Having a sense of control and at the same time an abandon to one’s intuitive imagination. “It is necessary to mark the greater from the lesser truth: namely the … Continue reading

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“Into the Mystic”

18′ x 24′ acrylic on canvas Illustration from an article written by Dolores LaChapelle, that appears in the book Deep Ecology. A collection of articles and essays by such authors as Murray Bookchin, James Dickey, Galway Kinnell, Paolo Soleri, Arne … Continue reading

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A Garden in Summer

“Gardening is never simply about gardens. It is work that reveals the meaning and character of humanity, and is an exercise and demonstration of who we take ourselves and creation to be.” – Norman Wirzba 12″ x 16″ oils on panel

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oil on panel 16″ x 20″ “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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