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Flamingos in sunlight

From a visit to the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.  

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ConDorCon 2017 3/3-3/5

A detail of  “The Bat and the Weasels” from a series of Aesop’s Fable’s illustrations, at this year’s ConDor show in San Diego.

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Dog Beach w clouds

A view looking west along the river control channel, this area of Dog Beach has far fewer people than right along the surf. Depending on the tide you can walk inland to where the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego River waters … Continue reading

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Animal Sculptures of Arthur Putnam

What a fantastic exhibit “Ferocious Bronze” is, many of the pieces are indeed ferocious, but there are others that depict a sense of calm and quiet strength. I’m so happy that the San Diego Zoo’s Centennial inspired this great exhibit. ER … Continue reading

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we’re calling for a bit more rain…

“Here in southern California we could use a bit more of the wet stuff” said Pegleg, (a local sea otter) when asked his seasoned prediction yesterday. News source: The SD Onion & Turnip Review

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before the rain…

From “Meditations” by  MARGARET FULLER The clouds are marshaling across the sky, Leaving their deepest tints upon yon range Of soul-alluring hills. The breeze comes softly, Laden with tribute that a hundred orchards Now in their fullest blossom send, in … Continue reading

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Garden party!

Our wee Schnauzer with his pals, enjoying Summer.

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