• All photographs, paintings and writings (unless otherwise noted) on this blog are © 2017 Ed Roxburgh

A blend of influences have created an integrated approach to my artwork. Natural landscapes with trees and open fields inspire a different response as does an urban scene with all the complexities of industrialization and technology.

Much like a musician is able to perform in varied emotional styles (expressions) I feel a visual artist can embrace that same discipline. This may also be partly due to the fact that I’ve made a living as a scenic artist, illustrator and fine artist. In working on an opera, play or film one is asked to paint in the style or “spirit” of Titian or maybe Dr. Seuss. This process leads to a feeling of “play” or continuation of a creative conversation. One can perceive a personal inspiration to create a certain image much the same as a collective direction from a designer when working on a creative team. I hope this process adds to a more diverse visual language. In illustration, the process of visual storytelling one creates in reading a story or manuscript and imaging the characters in action!  Those responses find their voices through the brush and into the image.


Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

San Diego Museum of Art (in a group show of San Diego Art Institute members)

San Diego Central Public Library (solo)                                                                                               part of permanent collection

San Diego Children’s Museum                                                                                                               part of permanent collection

Konica Gallery Tokyo

Arcosanti Gallery Arizona

Shogetsu Gallery Tokyo.

San Diego Art Institute

Penthouse Gallery La Jolla (solo)

Villa Montezuma/ San Diego Historical Society (solo)

Comic Con Art Show San Diego Convention Center

ConDor San Diego

San Diego County / Lemon Grove & Spring Valley Libraries (solo)

Solana Beach City Hall Gallery (solo)

San Diego County Fair Art Show

Parsonage Museum of Lemon Grove

contact email   edrox3@cox.net  

* All images from “Hound’s Glenn” books are © 2015 E. Roxburgh.  Text from “Hound’s Glenn” books are © 2015 J. Miles

15 Responses to About

  1. Cheryl says:

    Do you have any way to ‘follow’ your blog Ed? Or an email subscription?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Nevermind! I found the link! Thanks again and keep up the beautiful work!

  3. ideflex says:

    A quick scroll down through your posts – impressionism, original art, great photography and DOG – have me hooked. Will come back to browse at leisure, lovely stuff!

  4. You do art for haunted houses? That would be great! Thanks for checking out my comics. I appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Kamila Pala says:

    Very interesting reading “about” :)! Happy blogging, Kamila

  6. Hi Kamila, Thank you for reading my story 🙂

  7. Bathmat says:

    Love your blog. Always brightens my day seeing one of your beautiful paintings turn up on the old wordpress feed! Hope I get to see some in the flesh some day.

  8. CasMo says:

    Hi there Ed, thank you for your interest in my Tenty Oils page/project. I’ve really enjoyed viewing your paintings and reading about your artistic career. As part of my project, I’m collecting opinions from other artists I come across as to how they use photography within their work. I wonder if I could ask you whether you work from life, from photographs or both (your own/other people’s?) and how you see the photograph/photography as part of your process?

  9. Hi CasMo, Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. With my paintings, I mostly go out in the field and both sketch and photograph a location. Painting in the field has been very fun and these days I mostly do that in the Spring. Any photos used for reference I take myself with a Canon “Rebel XT” digital SLR. In my book illustrations I need to draw lots of places, objects or animals that I don’t have access to, in that case I “Google” that subject and sketch from my screen. Thank you for your interest, I’ll check my comments better in the future.

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