Flower Tuesday!


The hillsides are so beautiful this time of year as brilliant Mustard flowers appear above the trails. Though Marian Bear Memorial Park is in a densely populated area, inside the park you may never know it. The Sycamores to the North provide a natural canopy, and this 467 acres of dedicated natural parkland with its canyon trails, glens and streams is a jewel.

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2 Responses to Flower Tuesday!

  1. hello ed roxburgh its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez he and mama yoozed to ride there bikes in marion bear park and that they yoozed to tayk my brother tucker and sister trixie their wen they livd in the mithikal sitty of clairemont mesa!!! i do not think i wood want to go their tho not if it is full of bears!!! ok bye

  2. Hello Dennis, I think you’d have fun, I’ve haven’t seen any bears, but some friendly squirrels do live there.

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