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Flower Tuesday!

A cup of tea at the breakfast table in the early morning light.  

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Sculptor Barry Bunker

In sculpting fluid and organic forms artist Barry Bunker creates his beautiful work. The artwork has a lyrical movement and a sense of humor. For many years the Knowles Gallery in La Jolla California represented Barry’s fine artwork. Barry was lead sculptor at the … Continue reading

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Landscape with pink sky

Public transportation gives us the opportunity to see things that can be obscured by other means of travel. In this way we can observe our surroundings in an independent and focused way. Taking mental pictures as the landscape starts and stops around us is something sort … Continue reading

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Flower Tuesday!

A Springtime view looking east across the daisies along Lake Chollas.

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Urban landscapes • Signs of time

Many of the signs we see in our urban landscape have been with us a long time, through years of weather and technical issues they still perform their jobs. Some tell us their original story, while others tell us what once was. Even without its neon … Continue reading

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Flower Tuesday!

These beautiful Lilies seem to be waving hello as I pass by on a morning walk!

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Memory and travel

Memory visualization has many forms, making a painting is one of them. The experience of movement across a landscape and then recalling that moment can create a vivid memory. The details may become abstracted as one recalls the scene and the image reflects again … Continue reading

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