Don Porcella @ Parsonage Museum



When I first heard about Don Porcella’s exhibit I was definitely intrigued, I knew I had to see this art in person. On first entering the exhibit space I was struck by the exuberance and playful invention of his artwork. Don achieves a multi dimensional visual language in a very colorful way. This Lemon Grove Historical Society’s venue is always fun to visit.

Here’s a review from the SDVAN website:   This solo exhibit of Don Porcella’s sculpture and painting shows his sideways wit, unusual choice of materials, and ability to reveal the hidden humor and subliminal persuasions in everyday, contemporary topics and objects. At first glance warm, sweet and accessible, his art is also probing, acerbic and laugh-out-loud. The exhibit is part of the Historical Society’s ongoing celebration of local and regional artists.


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