Dog Beach w clouds


A view looking west along the river control channel, this area of Dog Beach has far fewer people than right along the surf. Depending on the tide you can walk inland to where the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego River waters merge. During the holiday season some of our friends who live in Los Angeles come south and rent places in Ocean Beach. We originally met when San Diego was host to film projects like “Veronica Mars”,”Terriers” and many others. It’s a shame there’s little to no film work here in town anymore, but I am happy for the friends made during those years, and their visits.

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2 Responses to Dog Beach w clouds

  1. katelon says:

    Great photo.

    Why did film work dry up?

  2. Thank you, I love this place.

    I believe we no longer have film work here in San Diego because there’s no longer a group or individual that can make it happen. Stu Segal was that person, for over 20 years (until about 2011) he brought a stream of film projects here. Equally important were the equipped sound stages provided at Stu Segal Studios. We also had a great number of IATSE film crew members here in SD, because there was work.

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