Del Mar racetrack

Del Mar

This past month we’ve been working on an annual event at the Fairgrounds, call time is 7:00 am when its nice and quite. For the first couple of hours the sound of the horse’s running in the cool morning air always makes me want to stop and watch them. I can’t do that though, there’s a lot to get done so I’m content to hear the rhythm of their stride while I paint. Then later in the day you can hear the roar of the crowd as the races start, and then again as the horses cross the finish line.

Pencil and watercolors, 2014. The tent in the lower right corner is the venue for our gig.

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2 Responses to Del Mar racetrack

  1. Interesting place to paint/sketch! Thanks for taking me there

  2. Thank you! Yes it is an interesting location, lot’s of history.

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