Olympic games

e-Freedom ship w-moons  E, Roxburgh

Watching the Olympic games this last week has been a welcome change. While the lines between art and sports are at times blurred, there are differences. Sport has the wonderful quality of the finite, a person either crosses the finish line before all others or they don’t, though there are some sports where the outcome is more interpretive. Art is an action that seems infinite in its possibilities, which for many holds a sense of freedom. There are so many things the two disciplines both hold, faith and being present in the moment are but a couple.

Pen & India Ink on cotton paper

* After the Games in 1984, I worked on a book about the US Olympic volleyball team. The author Doug Beal was a fascinating person, I could see how he would be an inspiring coach. He supplied us at Avant Books with a lot of photos, and we ended up including a great deal of them in the book.

From Library Journal                                                                                                                            The U.S. men’s volleyball team captured the attention of millions as they became Olympic champions in 1984. Beal, their controversial coach, goes behind the scenes and presents in a no-holds-barred fashion the trials, tribulations, and tough decisions that resulted in America’s first men’s Olympic volleyball medal. It is fascinating to find out how a struggling program evolved into an organization that made a mediocre team a world force. The poignant anecdotes and Beal’s analysis of his players, together with 32 pages of action photos, serve to make this book exciting for the recreational reader, and there is enough technical substance to satisfy the aficionado. Kenneth Tillman, Health & Physical Education Dept., Trenton State Coll., N.J.© 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

e SPIKE!.jpg

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