Passion fruit flower


These plants have always fascinated me, so beautiful and tasty. We planted one some years back and it has thrived to say the least. The fruit is just as exotic as the flower, super for breakfast on a summer morning.

*You can find passion fruits grown in nearly any warm climate in the world, provided they are frost-free throughout the year. This includes the South Pacific, Central America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and various subtropical locations throughout the world. These individual cultures utilize it in their cuisine, because the need for exportation is relatively slim, considering that it is grown in so many different places and varieties around the world. It is a popular breakfast food, juice, snack, and flavor additive to salsa, salad, and desserts. *Source: Organic Facts


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2 Responses to Passion fruit flower

  1. katelon says:

    I love the flowers but have never seen the fruit to try it.

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