Marjorie Nodelman @ Oceanside Museum of Art

What a wonderful thing it is to see artist Marjorie Nodelman’s fantastic artwork @ the Oceanside Museum of Art, through 1/8/2017. Her husband, artist Bob Neidringhaus with Doug Simay of OMA present such a strong and beautiful tribute to Marjorie’s life and artwork. At the show’s reception she was dearly missed, but her vibrant spirit was present and set the mood for all.

Marjorie Nodelman (1950-2014) was a key figure among a group of artists who first launched the art scene in Downtown San Diego, in what was to become the Gaslamp Quarter. She got her MFA at Yale and began her artistic career in San Diego in 1975. She was an active and well known artist in San Diego. In 1992 she moved to LA County, pursuing a degree in social work.

Marjorie was a joyful character, with an irrepressible exuberance for life and art. She maintained a very intuitive approach to her paintings and sculpture. “Her art was egalitarian and non-hierarchical, which resulted in an openness to the universe and a purity of spirit”

Marjorie @ OMAMN @ OMA #5OMA  MN #2M. Nodelman 2:6:16Anita & Bob

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4 Responses to Marjorie Nodelman @ Oceanside Museum of Art

  1. kenneturner says:

    Will have to plan on making it over to Oceanside before June.

  2. Hi Ken, Marjorie’s artwork and the OMA are really fine, you’ll enjoy your trip there.

  3. Ed:
    Thank you for this wonderful review, the photographs of the show, and the time you spent putting it together. I really appreciate the effort. A great deal of credit should be given to OMA and Doug Simay for creating such a well conceived and beautiful presentation of Marjorie’s work. All the OMA staff should be congratulated on their craftsmanship and hard work. It was great to see you and the Sirius gang after all these years. Time for a Sirius reunion?

  4. Hi Bob,
    Thank you, it’s such a fantastic exhibit. Seeing you and so many of our long time artist friends was as well.
    Marjorie was so prolific, the art on her site is stunning and brilliantly archived.
    I’m up for a Sirius reunion!

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