Balboa Park night revisited

Morley field 1982-Robin egr

Having lived the first 50 years of my life with Balboa Park at the center. From Ocean Beach to Downtown to Uptown, South Park up to North Park. Balboa Park was always near, it still is. The past dozen years I’ve lived in Lemon Grove, 7 miles east of the grand Park. The sea breezes bring her fragrance even this far.  Every year I spend weeks working in the Park on one art project or another. This year is all about Balboa Park!

I believe in “the Park as Muse” and the Park as friend and home to so many of us who live  within it’s magical realm.

A painting from 1980,

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2 Responses to Balboa Park night revisited

  1. Thank you, it’s a great view from there.

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