Christmas Cheer!

Seuss mural w:knife & forkI‘m here painting away on a fun mural in the Dr. Seuss Room at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park. Working with Carole Payette and Adam Bernard made this project a very fun and quick one.

My love of Dr. Seuss’s art goes back to the beginning for me. Reading his fantastic stories with their fantastically beautiful illustrations! When I was a young man I worked for a company, American Window Cleaners, who happened to have Ted and Audrey Geisel as clients. So… I began cleaning the windows and enjoying all of the Dr. Seuss art on the walls. It was in his studio I felt so lucky to see the great artist’s own private works as they progressed and were then finished or put aside for yet another canvas or sheet. Ted (Dr. Seuss) was not home that much during the cleaning and I really only met him briefly a few times. Mrs. Geisel, Audrey was always very kind and gracious.



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One Response to Christmas Cheer!

  1. My aunt lived close to the Geisels, in LaJolla. I wish I had met them. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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