“bridge collapse near Piglet Town”

“Class, let’s begin the day,” said Ms. Chienne. “For this morning’s science-in-current-events report, NicNac will tell us about this weekend’s bridge collapse near Piglet Town.”
NicNac stood in front of the class, smiled, and showed them the article he had cut out of the Sunday paper. “Saturday, because of too many critters swaying all together at once on the bridge, the Piglet Town Bridge started vibrating so hard that
it broke apart and fell into the river, along with many critters.”
“Was anyone hurt?” asked Manny, still the newest cub in town.
“No, but many piglets were …” and here NicNac paused to read from the article, “‘severely dampened to the point of wetness.’” “What were so many piglets doing on the bridge?” asked Jolie, a pup in the third row.
“The sway,” said NicNac.
“No, I mean, why were so many of them on the bridge at the same time?”
NicNac looked down at his article, and everyone waited until he found the answer. “Oh, it was the day of the annual Piglet Pageant, and they were sway- marching along, carrying their pageant queen over the bridge to the festival.”

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