L'Exposition ER

The recent article in the Los Angeles Times by David NG and Mike Boehm was one of many reports describing the potential tragedy of the Opera’s death looming on an uncertain landscape of our city.
As a music lover and scenic artist who has painted on some gorgeous sets in the San Diego Opera’s Scenic Studio and one who has thrilled at the beautiful Opera productions over the years, I would urge those who can prevent this from happening to please do so.

“The greatest madness a man can commit is to let himself die, just like that …”            from Don Quixote by Jules Massenet

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2 Responses to Opera!

  1. Pat Bean says:

    I love the Do Quixote quote

  2. Hi Pat, Yes, it’s a great quote. Very simple and true. There has been some hopeful news. Tomorrow is another pivotal meeting with the Opera board. I have my fingers crossed.

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