French Quarter mural

French Quarter mural


this mural was “wallpapered” onto a 16’ x 26’ coved sub wall, 2’ behind the interior wall of the restaurant.
I was fortunate at being able to use the scenic/rehearsal studio at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park to paint it, as my studio has only 10’ ceilings. The painting’s subject is a view towards St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

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2 Responses to French Quarter mural

  1. Sorry I don’t understand. Is this something you painted and stuck up so it would show through real windows, or are the windows the painted, or what’s going on here? 🙂 It’s fabulous, proof of that by how it’s fooling my eye so I can’t tell what I’m looking at!

  2. Hi, Thanks for the interest in this mural.

    I first did a scale drawing of the complete image from photos taken at different vantage points at the street in New Orleans, that the viewer is “looking down” in the mural.
    The mural is painted on one 16′ x 26′ piece of canvas,
    we then stapled the canvas to the floor, snapped our grid lines in charcoal dust.
    We “cartooned” the image using vine charcoal inserted in bamboo poles,
    we used brushes on poles to paint also.
    This is an old style of painting and I was fortunate to have had Davis West at the San Diego Opera Scenic studio, as a teacher.

    When finished with painting we then rolled up the mural and put it through the real windows on the “front” wall.
    there are two walls with a 2′ cavity between
    We then wallpapered the mural onto the “back” wall,
    the sides of the “back” wall are coved, to heighten the sense of depth
    the lighting is installed on the back side of the outer wall, and does give it a luminous look.

    Let me know if you have any questions

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